Squiggle and the Line

Well, given the 11 other models at Squiggle I decided to see how THEY went picking Line bets.

I tabulated success over the 44 games in rounds 7 to 11, and also just for the 12 selected games by Defender.

While defender made $1.60 (all $10 bets) if all games were bet on, and 5 models went backwards HPN is the standout, making $78 over the 5 rounds.

Of course over the 12 Defender selected games:
     1)     Defender made $72
     2)     HPN actually loses $43


When Defender is right HPN is wrong and vice versa.

I decided to look at HPN on all games EXCEPT the games Defender self selected - WOW
HPN makes $121 over 23 $10 line bets.

While I can only fine tune and fully understand defender, I may be able to make use of HPN, plus if the trend continues over time the combination of the models may be greater than either.


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